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Mini Movers

Dance and development classes for babies, toddlers and parents in South Wales.

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Mummy Movers

You are in safe hands with our physio-led and designed dance fitness classes

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Dance School

A large range of dance classes available for babies, children, teens & adults in Hebron Hall, Dinas Powys.

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Sensory, development and dance fitness classes for Babies Toddlers Parents in South Wales

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About Us

Meet the team behind mini movers: our unique sensory baby and toddler classes

Hello, we are Beth and Francesca, the founders and creators of FJDC Mini Movers, dance and sensory baby and toddler classes Cardiff, Caerphilly and Dinas Powys! 

We aim to help your baby achieve key development milestones in a fun and exciting class centred around sensory play, dance and exercise. For new mums, join our physiotherapist-led postpartum dance fitness classes: Mummy Movers, focusing on safely easing you back into fitness in a fun, enjoyable and no-pressure environment. 

Our baby and toddler groups use a range of techniques to help facilitate your child’s gross and fine motor skills and sensory development. Teach your baby how to roll, sit up, stand, crawl and walk (and lots more!).

Help your baby or toddler learn about the world around them through sensory stimulation, using light shows, music, dance, baby massage, fun home crafts and more. Our intermediate and graduate classes also help toddlers build friendships, develop social skills and confidence through parachute play, music and dance.

Our class themes change regularly to stimulate your baby and let your child explore and learn new skills whilst learning new things about the world around them. Fun and popular themes include Under the Sea, When I Grow Up, In the Jungle, Around the World and more!

We are so excited to welcome you to our Mini Movers groups for babies, toddlers and parents!

Book your spot now! 

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Mini Movers Baby and Toddler Classes Cardiff!

Mini Movers is a specialised baby and toddler class for children aged from newborn to 4 years. Come and join the fun at our baby classes based around Caerphilly and Dinas Powys, South Wales! 

Each exercise and dance in Mini Movers has been meticulously designed to work on gross motor skills for toddlers and babies, as well as fine motor skills, sensory integration, proprioception, rhythm, musicality, baby massage, attention and core stability. 

At the same time, promoting confidence, social skills and bonding between parent and child in a fun, sensory baby group that parents and children alike will enjoy!

Learn how to facilitate your child’s development in all areas safely and gradually with expert advice whilst also dancing, having fun with your baby and other parents and creating special memories together. 

Our baby sensory classes are currently located in Dinas Powys and Caerphilly and our classes are suitable for newborns, babies, toddlers and children aged up to 3 years.

We think it is essential for our classes to be developmentally appropriate for your little one as we focus on specific skills and milestones. Therefore, our baby and toddler classes are based around developmental ability rather than age to suit your child’s needs.


Beginners Class


Developmental range:

New-born to sitting unaided.

Motor skills focus:

Visual tracking, rolling, tummy time, head control, sitting, body awareness, transitioning through lying to sitting, core stability, facilitating a crawling position, supported weight-bearing, reaching out of base of support and crossing midline.

The class also includes:

Sensory play and exploration with scarves, maracas, lights and sensory bottles, bubbles, parachute play, introduction to baby dance and baby massage.

Toddler sensory class baby dance classes cardiff dinas powys caerphilly

Intermediate Class


Developmental range:

Crawling to assisted walking.

Motor skills focus:

Crawling, sitting balance and saving reactions, pincer and grip strength, pulling to stand, standing, cruising and walking.

The class also includes:

Sensory play, baby dance and exploration with scarves, maracas, lights, bubbles, parachute play and ‘free play/social’ time with equipment.

Mini Movers Children sensory and dance class Development class cardiff FJDC 3 year old

Graduate Class

Walkers up to age 3:

Developmental range:

Walking to running and jumping.

Motor skills focus:

Walking, squatting, getting on and off the floor, climbing, tip toes, core stability, coordination, balance, jumping, hopping, running and developing dance ability e.g.copying and retaining simple choreography and improving rhythm and musicality.

The class also includes:

Imaginative play, toddler dance and games with music, bubbles, parachute, sensory play and exploration with scarves, maracas, hula hoops and pompoms and ‘free play’/social’ time with equipment.

Mini Movers toddler Sensory Class Toddler dance class Cardiff Baby Groups


Both of our Mini Mover classes have a theme which changes every six weeks; past themes include Jungle, Superheroes, Summer, Peter Pan, Around the World, When I Grow Up and Under the Sea.

We also have fancy dress themes and class ‘specials’ when running over a celebration or holiday such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween!


Mummy Movers

Unsure of what you can and cannot do after giving birth or your c-section? You are in safe hands with our physiotherapist-led and designed post-natal dance fitness classes.

In Mummy Movers you get to learn fun dance routines and exercises with other Mummies whilst holding and bonding with your baby. The class has been designed by a physiotherapist specifically for postpartum bodies with the focus of safely easing new Mums back into fitness.

Mummy Movers is a friendly fitness class for all abilities and is suitable from six weeks postpartum (with confirmation from your GP).
mummy movers postpartum dance fitness class cardiff mother and baby groups
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£38 for a six-week block of FJDC Mini Movers or Mummy Movers classes.

15% discount if you book Mini Movers and Mummy Movers classes together.


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