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Mummy Movers

Mummy Movers

our fun and effective dance fitness mum and baby class!

Unsure of what you can and cannot do after giving birth or your c-section? Is postpartum exercise feeling like a daunting prospect? Do you want to exercise, but need to have your baby with you?

You are in safe hands with our physiotherapy-led designed mum and baby classes! Mummy Movers is our fun dance fitness class where you learn dance routines and exercises, whilst going at your own pace. 

Open to all mums and babies (no baby age limit!) Mummy Movers combines effective dance exercise with baby bonding, with 50% of the dances designed for you to be holding your baby OR a weight!

These specialised mum and baby classes have been designed by a physiotherapist and dance teacher specifically for postpartum bodies. The focus is to safely ease new Mums back into fitness whilst bonding with their little one and having fun!

Mummy Movers is a friendly fitness class for all abilities and is suitable from six weeks postpartum (with confirmation from your GP). Based around Cardiff, Dinas Powys and Caerphilly. 

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Mummy Benefits

Get Fit and Bond With Your Baby!

Mummy Movers is open and accessible to all mums and babies, regardless of your little one’s age or mobility. 

Half of the dances in the class are baby-free and the other half are designed for you to hold your baby or a weight while you dance. 

You can do the entire class holding your baby, or leave them to play and explore with toys on a mat next to you. You have the freedom to exercise in a way that works for you and your baby, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

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Mummy Benefits

Some Benefits for Mummy

Our mum and baby classes are specially designed with postpartum you in mind. Research has shown that there are so many benefits to dancing and exercising for new mums and their babies:

Restores muscle strength and tone

(including pelvic floor and abdominals)

Improves energy levels

Reduces levels of post-natal depression

Weight loss

Sense of wellbeing and fun

Boosts immune system

Bonding with baby

Reduces risk of musculoskeletal injuries

(there is an increased risk of injury six months after birth due to lax ligaments)

Improves cardiovascular fitness

Adds routine to your day

Baby Benefits

Some Benefits for Baby

Research has shown that there are so many benefits to dancing and exercising for new Mums and their babies:

Improves balance and body awareness

Promotes rhythm and musicality

Soothing and fun

Bonding with Mummy

Develops vision and hearing

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Class Themes

Our classes are always being updated to ensure maximum fun for mum and baby! We have different themes in every six-week course to keep the routines fresh and fun with popular music you just can’t help but dance to!



£38 for a six-week block of FJDC Mini Movers or Mummy Movers classes.

15% discount if you book Mini Movers and Mummy Movers classes together.


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